In these trying and enduring times the WA 3% stands with those advocating for the abolishment of excessive uses of force and the equalizing of all voices. We also stand with the upstanding law enforcement officers whose commitment to serve and protect is tarnished by the reckless actions of a few. As critical protests continue, we unequivocally condemn those seeking to divide our great nation.

We believe in the sovereignty of the Constitution and the sacredness of every amendment. We have sought to stand alongside our brothers and sisters as they have used their rights to give voice to silenced stories, protect those seeking to uplift this critical dialogue, and further the unity of the United States.

To our heartened dismay, sensationalist media has hijacked these peaceful demonstrations for their own ends. Our presence, in support of this important cause, has given rise to an alternate and detracting narrative. The media has misconstrued our presence and intentions, which is to unequivocally support those advocating for equality and the prudent use of force. The media’s dramatic, click-inducing narrative once again silences the disadvantaged by creating a competing and more scandalous story. We refuse to enable the sensationalist media in detracting from the this movements critical message.

It is from this understanding that WA 3% will support this pivotal cause by lifting up silenced voices and allowing them to stand alone. WA 3% will no longer engage in these protests, as our presence detracts from the protestors message of equality and against the excessive use of force. Unless, specifically asked WA 3% will support the protests by not allowing the media to dilute their important work by creating a false and competing narrative around our organization. We condemn anyone who seeks to use these peaceful protests to further their own political agenda, whether that is white supremists, antifa, or sensationalist media.

We need to stand together in unity and fight for a better America. We have and we are here to support and uplift all of our communities, especially disadvantaged populations in their time of need. We are here, we are united, and we support those as they exercise one of our great nations founding principles.

We stand for unity, we stand for respect, we stand for all American’s. We are WA 3%.