In these trying and enduring times the WA 3% want to take a stand against the evil tyranny of white supremists.

As we head into another weekend of well-deserved protests, we unequivocally condemn those seeking to divide our great nation.

We love and support all of our fellow Americans and want to do our part to advocate for and protect the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of ALL Americans - including our black/brown brothers and sisters in their fight to be heard.

We support and encourage the use of the first amendment and stand behind and alongside as our friends, family, and community fight for justice. We however, condemn those that seek to hijack the important message of these protests for divisive and destructive ends.

We implore those who wish to disrupt peaceful protests or use them for their own bitter ends to cease. We need to stand together in unity and fight for a better America.

We have and we are here to support and uplift all of our local communities especially those of disadvantage populations in their time of need.

We are united, and we support those as they exercise one of our great nations founding principles.