Dear Fellow Americans,

For the past 4 years Washington 3% has grown in Washington State to become an amazing group of Patriots and we look forward to continuing this outstanding growth. From our Boots on the Home Ground Non-profit outreach, and working along side other outreach programs such as Crazy Faith, American Patriots III%, Oath Keepers, and more, to bringing small community groups together for Training, Preparation and small team building, we have worked to improve our State and neighborhoods across Washington.

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped out along the way. But we still have a long way to go.

Unfortunately what we see in our streets across this great Nation is a sad disgrace of community breakdown. Socialists are working with the Democratic Party to destroy America. Groups like BLM, Antifa, Indivisible and more want and work for the destruction and abolition of our way of life. This is sad and infuriating to many people from all walks of life. While people sit in the comfort of their living room watching Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow and sip their sweet Koolaid we are watching our Liberties and Inalienable Rights being stripped from us faster than we can react.

The hardest part at this time is navigating the vetting process as we want to continue to grow. However with the current social climate we have to make a difficult decision at this juncture. Vetting is a challenging yet necessary part of maintaining safety for all of our members. Sadly many people scoffed and ridiculed our efforts as we marched on Seattle, Spokane, Vancouver, Olympia and Portland Oregon. They did not want to get involved and refused to help when asked to participate in the fight to stem the tide that we face today. And now here we are. We are at a place where the Rains have begun. Those who waited to get involved have missed out on this great opportunity and we will be less capable without them, however this decision has to be made.

Washington 3% is at this time suspending all vetting and accepting of new applications through the end of the year.

Trust is a huge factor in our Organization and with the coming election, and regular protests that turn to riots, we can not afford to allow anyone infiltrate our ranks. We hope that this all passes after this November Election, but we also look at the real possibility of massive Civil Unrest in our country. That is why we are extending this suspension through the end of the year. As of 1/1/21 we hope to be back up and fully ready to interview new members and add to the already great group we have today.

We are truly sorry. We hope for the best for all of our families, friends and neighbors in these challenging and dangerous times. Thank you for understanding that this is for the safety of our members.

Craig Hanvey, President Washington 3%