WA3% would like to clarify rumors surrounding the events of Friday night June 12th 2020. Peter Diaz of American Wolf approached members of this organization to assist him with plans he was making to defend Olympia from rioters. The members declined to participate and no members of WA3% were involved in his groups activities that night.

As Constitutional conservatives, WA3% supports the right of people to peacefully assemble and protest. We do not condone violence or looting and will denounce it at every juncture. We only defend. The WA3% have not, and will not, take any direct action to seek out and confront protesters. That is the job of local law enforcement and we respect their difficult and important job. What we have done is help owners protect their businesses, at their request, by making a visible presence on their property - as a deterrent.

In recent weeks, several firearms stores have been targeted for theft, as violent anarchists are attempting to arm themselves. The ATF has warned all firearms dealers to secure their property. Many of these businesses have reached out to the WA3% community for help securing their property, which we have done. Nobody wants to see violent criminals get ahold of firearms to aggravate an already dangerous situation.

We do not condone, nor did we participate in the actions of Peter Diaz and his American Wolf group, in his effort to confront protestors and inflame an already tense situation.

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